A passionate challenge for young people full of dreams and hopes in futsal in Cambodia.

    Realize a dream

    Don't end your dreams with dreams. I want to create a world where many young people talk about their dreams and challenge their dreams with all their might.
    We will do our best so that those who see our challenge will have the courage to do so.
    A place where everyone can talk about their dreams and take on challenges. ARIGATO UNITED was born in Phnom Penh in June 2020.

    Belongs to the top category of Cambodian futsal

    ARIGATO UNITED participates in Cambodia's top category futsal competition. We are aiming to enter the Futsal Cambodian League, which is said to be about to start, within two years. The popularity of futsal in Cambodia is very high, and the popularity is increasing year by year. The number of FB Live views of the domestic cup exceeded 200,000, and the broadcast of the first match of the ARIGATO UNITED group league was also watched more than 75,000 times. It is also attracting attention in the field of sports marketing (advertising), such as a major beer maker sponsoring the tournament.
    It is expected to be even more exciting for the Southeast Asian Games to be held in Cambodia in 2023.

    New challenge for The First Japanese Cambodian Leaguer

    Takahito Ota, who became the first Japanese professional soccer player in Cambodia in 2011, is the general manager of ARIGATO UNITED. With 12 years of professional career and 10 years of experience and knowledge in the Cambodian soccer business, a new challenge of club management has begun. As Cambodia's first and only Japanese futsal club, we are also attracting attention for activities outside the pitch in partnership with local Japanese companies. As a player, he is expected to turn into a futsal player and inspire the team even on the pitch.

    Business development in collaboration with partner companies

    Financing is important in running a sports club. Many football clubs in Cambodia are owner-dependent, and many withdraw for personal reasons. ARIGATO UNITED aims to build a win-win relationship as a partner company, not just providing funding from sponsors. Our main initiatives with partner companies include sports marketing and business matching, and we are also considering investing in Cambodia and joint ventures in the future. We aim to be a team that can win not only on the pitch but also off the pitch.

    * Photo: Ota inspects the real estate development site of a partner company.

  • What We Do

    To realize our goal of being the No.1 club in Cambodia.


    Daily accumulation is important !

    During club activities, we wear jersey with the logo of our partner company and post it on our social media.

    The training is conducted at the futsal ground, which has a business alliance.


    Participate in major futsal competitions in Cambodia.

    Facebook LIVE, futsal matches in Cambodia is very popular, and some matches have been played more than 100,000 times.

    Last year's ARIGATO UNITED's match was also played 75,000 times.

    Currently, there are no tournaments confirmed by Cambodia's strict corona regulations, but we will prepare for the match at any time.

    Sports Marketing

    Posting of company logos, co-sponsored events, etc.

    Put the company logo on uniforms, hold events and promotions together.

    We are considering a sports marketing mechanism that benefits both our partners and our clubs.


    If you would like to do sports marketing with us, please contact us from the "CONTACT" below.

    Business Matching

    Introduction between partner/sponsor companies.

    Holding exchange meetings, etc.

    Real estate, Finance, Aquaculture, Food processing, Beauty salons, Pharmacies, Motorcycle shops, Car loan system development, Cafes & Bar, Restaurant, Apparel, etc.


    Support for disaster areas and soccer clinics, etc.

    Support activities in the disaster area and hold soccer clinics with partner companies.


    Photo: Mr. Okada(Left) from partner company ECCJ Real Estate.

    Bar & Lounge Management business

    Bar & Lounge start from November 2021

    We started a bar & lounge business as a joint venture with a company that operates multiple restaurants in Cambodia.
    Please drop in when you come to Phnom Penh.
    PENH. Lounge & Bar at Coconut Park
    Address: Coconut Club, Newton Road, Koh Pich, Elite Town Office, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, 120101, Cambodia



  • TEAM

    We are based in Phnom Penh.

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Takahito Ota / OTTI

    General Manager / Player No.10

    Age: 35

    Place of birth: Japan / Toyama

    HP: https://takahito-ota.com


    The first Japanese professional soccer player in Cambodia.

    He has 12 years of experience as a professional soccer player and more than 10 years of business in Cambodia.

    Favorite word is "ARIGATO" the meaning of the word is "Thank you".


    "Club management and futsal player activities are my new challenges. I would like to utilize my experience to support the challenges of the younger generation in Cambodia and take on the challenges together. I want to make it a club that can have a positive impact on people."

    Shuya Tokutake / TOKU

    Head Coach

    JFA Official B License Coach

    Age: 30

    Place of birth: Japan / Aichi 


    "I want to combine the good points of Japan and the good points of Cambodia into a unique and original team in Cambodia."



    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Phorn Mengkheang / SAMUEL

    Player No.7

    Age: 22

    Place of birth: Cambodia / Takeo

    Occupation: Digital marketing

    Dream for the future: Pro futsal player / National team


    "I would like many people to know about our challenges and have a positive impact on the same and younger generation in Cambodia."

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Sien Pongpiseth / PISETH

    Player No.9

    Age: 22

    Place of birth: Cambodia / Prey Veng

    Occupation: IP camera staff

    Dream for the future: Pro futsal player


    "I want to work hard at this club to grow and make my dreams come true."

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